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Georgia Identity Theft

identity theft georgiaIdentity theft complaints in Georgia totaled 8,084 in 2006, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Among the top ID theft complaints were credit card fraud (24%), bank fraud (18%), phone or utilities fraud (16%), government documents or benefits fraud (15%), employment-related fraud (9%), and loan fraud (5%). Georgia identity theft information and links are listed below.

Georgia Attorney General's office identity theft information

Georgia Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs Identity Theft Information

Georgia Department of Revenue

Georgia Do Not Call information

Georgia Identity Theft News:

Georgia Attorney General and the Stop Identity Theft Network Host Columbus Town Hall Meeting On Identity Theft

Network to Combat Identity Theft Announced

Attorney General Baker Announces Guilty Plea In Identity Fraud Scam Targeting Federated Department Stores Employees

Attorney General Baker Announces Criminal Sentences in Public Service Commission Identity Theft Scam

Georgia Identity Theft Laws and Regulations:

Georgia House of Representatives SB 513
(Includes 16-9-120, 16-9-121, 16-9-122, 16-9-123, 16-9-124, 16-9-125, 16-9-126, and 16-9-127)

Please check with Georgia General Assembly for the most up-to-date information.

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